Dr Siobhan Dawson will join us for an open event to talk about how we can manage stress, anxiety and transform our health during challenging COVID-19 times.

On April 20th 2020, 16h00 Standard Time,  Dr Siobhan Dawson will be sharing her unique insights and knowledge as well as integrative psychiatric expertise on how to find your flow. Manage fear and anxiety as we lock down, self-isolate and shelter from COVID-19.

How do you deal with stress and anxiety in lockdown?

Dr. Siobhan Dawson will share ideas on creating better coping mechanisms and inspiring positive ideas for a healthier life.

About Dr. Siobhan Dawson

Dr. Siobhan Dawson

Dr Siobhan Dawson, MBChB MRCPsych, is a well-respected psychiatrist in functional and integrative medicine. She studied medicine in Cape Town and specialized in Psychiatry in London. Dr. Dawson has a passion for creating sustainable health solutions for people who do not just seek symptom relief with medication. She believes that the mind-body-spirit connection is integral to vitality, well-being and longevity.

Dr. Dawson combines the very best in evidence-based medicine. This may include medication, with nutritional and psychotherapeutic treatments to restore your mind and body back to its full potential.

How do you join us?

Click on this Zoom link to register for the event.


Find Flow with Dr Siobhan Dawson

Everyone is talking about “hacking FLOW states”, meaning they’ve found a way to pursue exhilarating lives. If you’re like me, often life feels more like a hack and not at all flowy!   Can we find flow in times of COVID-19 challenges? Here is an excerpt from a recent article on finding flow:

So, What Is FLOW?

It’s that optimum state of consciousness where you become so engrossed in an activity that a sense of time and self dissolves. Your performance is heightened and becomes effortless.

It is the most elusive, but most desirable of human conditions. Read more about how you can find the flow


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