With every New Year comes a glut of diet, health and fitness-focused resolutions that can be easy to make, but even easier to break. With this understanding, throngs of tech companies are finding innovative ways to keep people engaged and motivated to get fit and healthy…and stay that way.  However, with such an extensive and comprehensive field of modern-day health-tech options, it can be overwhelming to hone in on which are worthy of working into your daily lifestyle.  With that in mind, here are six smart digital diet, health and fitness solutions for your New Year. They’re sure to help you shed those stubborn pounds, tone those muscles and increase your endurance easier, more effectively and with increased sustainability.

My super health and fitness ideas for 2020

#1. Tonal Intelligent Home Gym Is a health & fitness solution that should be on your list

Created by former Apple, Nest and GoPro engineers and designers, Tonal is the world’s first machine learning-powered strength training system. This intelligent home gym pairs on-demand workouts and personal coaching with a first-of-its-kind, at-home, wall-mounted fitness system that you really do need to see to fully understand and appreciate. So, hitting the website to watch the intro video is worthwhile. It’s like having a personal trainer plus an entire gym in the convenience of your home—but one that is super-sleek, taking up very little space and boasting a “wow” factor, unlike any other all-in-one I’ve seen.

What does it do for you?

It features digital weights to help you achieve your goal, whatever that may be. Be it  to lose weight, gain strength, build muscle, boost energy, improve your performance or maintain your fitness. As a virtual personal trainer, expert-led programs and full-body workouts are availed on this device’s digital display.  Virtual coaches will guide you step by step.

Health and Fitness

Tonal supports hundreds of moves and 200 pounds of resistance so you can skip the gym without compromising your workout. Additionally, its artificial intelligence capabilities take the guesswork out of strength training. This device learns from your body and adapts guidance in real-time, so you see results faster. Service-wise, similar to Spotify music’s family plan, with Tonal, you can have unlimited users per household. This means that everyone from mom and dad to teens and even visiting friends and grandparents can strength train.  Now you know why  Tonal should be on your health and fitness wish list.

#2. BINGE Networks’ Fitness Channel making health and fitness easy

BINGE is a broadcasting platform offering a convenient way to find a variety of fitness classes all in one place.  They feature an array of fitness, health, and life coaching shows allowing you to do yoga, pilates, weight training and even get your mind in shape. With BINGE Networks, you can work out where and when you want with expert-driven programs that you can do at home, and that also travels with you.  Users can stream the content from a SmartTV, tablet, smartphone or laptop from over 90 premium platforms like Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Google Play, Sony, Samsung, Sharp, Tivo, Philips, Sanyo, Panasonic, JVC, and Toshiba. The first week of access to the BINGE Fitness platform is free using code “FIT” and then access to the service and its content thereafter costs $24.95 per year.

#3 Amazfit GTS SmartWatch by Huami should be on your New Year list

Your New Year list should include one of these babies. Huami recently announced the launch of its newest smartwatch, the Amazfit GTS. The device is powered by Huami’s Bio Tracker optical sensor. This enables 24 hours of uninterrupted, high-precision heart rate monitoring with detailed data and abnormal value detection warnings.

Health and Fitness watch

In both the watch and the app, the data is clearly displayed for an easy understanding of the heart rate data patterns. With the app, users can also customize the classification of their heart rate. They can also receive an alarm when the bpm values are out of range.

No more excuses…

All recordings are saved and can be seen in the app and can be shared. The device also integrates multiple health management features such as sedentary reminders, calorie consumption, sleep analysis and more.

All these features, if used as an integral way to manage the user’s health, can surely help people to maintain a healthier lifestyle and improve their overall well-being. With the six-axis acceleration sensor, the Amazfit GTS becomes an ideal companion for sports and workout. It comes with 12 different sports modes including outdoor running, treadmill, walking, outdoor/indoor cycling, elliptical trainer, pool/open water swimming, mountaineering, trail running, skiing and exercising. Once the activity is finished, the smartwatch displays all the data collected like pace, calories, BPM range, altitude, time and much more. Make health and fitness goals easier to stick to!

So many colors make health and fitness fun

The new model comes in six different colors with a 50-meter depth water resistance. Its tech and modern looking style comes with a vivid silicon strap, a thin 9.4-millimeter body for maximum comfort and the battery can last up to roughly 14 days.  It also allows users to stay connected thanks to mobile smart notifications, find-my-phone functions, music control via Bluetooth and weather forecast.

Sustainable health and fitness

#4 Methodology Healthy Food Delivery to help you achieve your New Year resolutions

Methodology is a web-based, wellness-focused subscription service. It offers ready-to-eat meals, with menus crafted by a team of chefs and nutritionists. Each person is dedicated to maximizing health benefits while also making the food delicious. So, this is a great Internet-driven solution for those who find themselves too busy to make good, wholesome meals at home—whether every day or intermittently, as needed. Methodology distinguishes itself from other meal services on the market. This is based on five parameters for using food to improve beauty, strength, and well-being: (1) Eat food you love; (2) maximize nutrient density; (3) avoid refined and processed ingredients; (4) control your portions, and (5) be consistent. Methodology addresses all five of these concerns and endeavors to make clear that it’s “no ordinary meal delivery service.”

Food, health and fitness fun

health and fitness food It offers clean, ultra-nourishing, personalized meals for people who both love food and want to achieve optimal wellness. Of course, pricing reflects the premium nature of this foodservice option. As a result, meals start at $16.99 each for lunch and dinner and $7.99 for breakfast.

Cheap at this price?

A small price to pay for truly delicious, real, whole, ultra-nourishing superfood meals. They are also ready-to-eat and can be reheated in a microwave or on a stovetop in less than five minutes. Additionally, they are all prepared and also refined sugar, gluten and processed ingredient-free. Grass-fed ghee is the only form of dairy they currently use. In fact, the company can aptly accommodate specialized diets like Keto, Paleo, Mediterranean, Pescatarian or Vegan. You can visit the company’s website to review sample menus online and also kick-start the process by specifying your food preferences.

#5 HealthyWage App Weight-Loss Cash Incentives

No matter what kind of fitness or diet regime—or technology facilitators—you choose, the HealthyWage app PAYS you for losing weight! With the HealthyWage app, you determine how much weight you want to lose, how long you want to take to lose it and how much you want to wager each month. If you successfully reach your goal by the end date of your challenge, you win your prize. The average HealthyWager prize is over $1,200! You can also join teams, jackpots and step challenges through the app. This gamification approach is well-proven.

Everyone needs an incentive, right?

Multiple studies show that monetary incentives serve to enhance the effectiveness of, and duly complement, weight-loss programs of any and all sorts—especially when paid out quickly like HealthyWage’s various programs. In fact, according to a company spokesperson, the average HealthyWager participant “more than doubles their investment if they are successful at achieving their goal,” so the financial upside potential is impressive. In 2018, alone, program participants collectively lost over 1,000,000 pounds and gained $13,000,000 in kind. Since the company’s inception, over $20,000,000 has been paid to HealthyWager winners.

#6 H20N Smart Scale by InBody is a must-have

Last but not least, a health and fitness idea that really gets into detail.  InBody has developed the H20N Smart Scale. It measures your whole body, providing accurate and personalized results in the comfort of your home. The product provides essential health metrics including body fat percentage, BMI, skeletal muscle mass, and weight. Test data automatically uploads to a mobile app that allows you to record test history and track trends. Smart scales only have electrodes on the footplate. This allows them to measure your bottom half and have to estimate the upper half. The InBody H20N comes with handlebar electrodes as well as footplate electrodes, so your entire body composition is measured, not estimated.  Testing your body composition on the InBody H20N is quick and easy.


Just step on the scale, pick up the handle and get your results in 10 seconds. All your data is automatically recorded and synced to an app installed directly on your smartphone. After every test, your results are recorded and organized. See your test history, spot trends and share your results with your personal trainer or doctor. Make adjustments based on accurate data, so that you are consistently trending toward the right direction, “During our R&D, we found that the current smart scale market-focused heavily on the number features offered rather than the quality of the outputs,” said Joseph Han, Director of Business Development. “We made the conscious decision to scale back on the number of features and focus on delivering the most accurate body composition test you can take at home.”

Bottom Line

These are my top six health and fitness digital recommendations to help you make your New Year resolutions work. You can make smart choices when it comes to technology that enables truly sustainable health support.

Don’t wait until 2020  to make health and fitness your priority. Exercising on holiday will make a real difference to your health and fitness.

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