VuUUuv Chakra Stones Set


  • ♥8 natural chakra stones: aventurine, red jasper, tiger’s eye stone, amethyst, obsidian, pink crystal,lapis lazuli, and transparent crystal, which with the function of powerful stone energy, enhance meditation, and the recovery of body and mind.
  • ♥The exquisite carving craft log packing box can not only protect the chakra stones but also arrange the eight chakra stones in sequence to generate extraordinary energy and form a garden of mind in your room.
  • ♥The ceramic technology of a Song ceramic kiln (in Dehua, Fujian) has been inherited for thousands of years. The incense holder in the package was made there. When you kindle a stick of incense, your meditation will surely enter a higher realm, and you will feel happier and freer.
  • ♥Each raw stone is 100% natural, without any chemical treatment, it has never been artificially dyed or treated. We will carefully select each one by hand, each one is unique, which represents the exact moment of the stone features, so maybe there is a little difference between what you received and the picture, but each one will be the best choice for the crystal repair practice.
  • ♥We provide perfect after-sales service, so if you are unsatisfied with our product, we make a commitment that we will return or exchange it.