Alone. Together. Loved. Forever. by Ingrid Lomas


‘Ingrid’s irreverent humour transforms rejection, fear and abandonment into rekindled love in her deeply healing memoir. A spiritual, emotional and entertaining tale of discovery.’
Eva Mazza author of Sex, Lies & Stellenbosch

‘You do know you’re a nymphomaniac don’t you?’ My husband got up abruptly, picked up his pillow and moved from the bed to the couch.

I felt totally crushed. A deep pain that started in the region of my heart finally engulfed my very being as I felt a million tears of rejection well up inside me. Instead of letting them run free in order to purge myself of their unwanted presence, accumulated over a lifetime of feeling starved of affection, I turned my face to the wall. And only let the few I couldn’t control to dampen my unseen cheeks.

Alone. Together. Loved. Forever. is a memoir with a difference. Yes, it is the life story of Ingrid Lomas, thus far, but it also happens to read more like a novel.

By inviting the reader into her world on a warmly personal level she makes you feel that you are not simply an onlooker but part of her life’s journey through every facet of every lesson she learns. Mostly the hard way.
It’s a book that has its beginning in her mother’s womb prior to her birth where she is subjected to an intimate peek into the life she will be living with her mother post-birth. It proves to be an unnerving experience for her and one that makes her attempt something she lives to regret for many years following her arrival on Planet Earth.

Although every word of this compelling read comes from a place of deep sadness, abandonment and rejection, they are largely delivered with a huge dollop of humour as Ingrid introduces you to all the influential players who once populated her world. Those she drew into her life to teach her how to overcome the obstacles put in the way of all eternal spirits revisiting Planet Earth for the purpose of spiritual growth. As well as to achieve the eternal happiness that we all desire to experience, not only in the hereafter but during our time on Planet Earth too.

While her uneasy relationship with her mother takes centre stage there are others of equal importance. They include those with her grandmother, her father, her ex-husband and ones she forms with a variety of unsuitable men in her search for love and fulfilment during this adventure of a lifetime. All of them being integral in fact to her development and awareness as she strives, initially unbeknown to herself, to achieve her quest for the eternally beautiful life of the eternally beautiful.

Alone. Together. Loved. Forever. is in essence a love story that is only able to truly unfold following Ingrid’s ‘Awakening’. But one that, by virtue of its exquisite and inclusive nature, is a never-ending story that promises to embrace the lives of everyone who chooses to open themselves up to true love. Now and forever more.