The amount of fluid in our body affects the way our cells function – meaning that dehydration can interfere with healthy aging. According to nutrition expert Linda Drummond, we don’t feel thirsty until we’ve lost about 1% of our body weight in water. If dehydration continues, we experience greater thirst, discomfort and loss of appetite. This is followed by nausea, lack of concentration and an inability to regulate excess temperature.

“At around 8% loss,” she adds, “dizziness, labored breathing and weakness ensue. Further dehydration leads to muscle spasms, delirium, decreased blood volume and failing renal function, which can lead to death.”

If you struggle to drink the amount of water you need daily, fill a jug of water with lemon/strawberries/cucumber/mint and keep it on your desk. The added flavor will make it easier to achieve your quota. Click here to discover easy ways to stay hydrated through the day.  

By staying hydrated, you can also improve the clarity and appearance of your skin, the appearance of cellulite, the luminosity of your hair, and the health of your nails. It additionally helps you to stay focused and improves thought processing in the brain. Learn more by clicking on the following link.

Did you know?

The elderly are at higher risk of dehydration than younger adults.

Many factors can increase fluid loss, including:

• High ambient temperatures; Dehydration | Longevity Live

• Low humidity;

• High altitude;

• High sodium intake;

• Exercise;

• Consumption of alcohol, caffeine and sugar;

• Medication;

• Diarrhoea; and

• Vomiting.

Bowel management is of particular concern, as increasing dietary fiber increases our need for fluids.

How to stay hydrated

According to Drummond, you need 30ml to 35ml of fluid per kilogram of body weight, per day, adjusted for ambient temperature and lifestyle factors such exercise and consumption of alcohol, caffeine and sugar.

Remember, if you are feeling thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Carry a water bottle and take regular sips throughout the day. Don’t wait for your body to remind you.

You can also consume water-rich foods to prevent dehydration and which will keep you skin happy. Click on the link find out more.



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