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Instagram is an online gallery that seems to increase in popularity with each year. We know about the health freaks and the ‘foodie gurus,’ but it seems as if we are all getting even healthier. If you didn’t realize that the most influential people are on Instagram, then it’s time you start following them. 2017 is about self-actualization and we recommend you start updating your Instagram feeds and stories now. Take control of your own health environment.

Instagram Is Filled With Knowledgeable Influencers

Are you feeling a little tired of looking at the Hollywood stars for health, fitness, and beauty tips? We admit it can get a little painful. The majority of us cannot afford those over-priced skincare treatments or personal trainers and nutritionists. If you want to follow someone who lives life just like you and has found ways to keep their health and wellness tip top –  start exploring your Instagram.

There are some amazing profiles devoted to wellness that are both inspirational and authentic. If you want to make some easy-to-apply changes to your health, then look no further. From ‘foodie-gurus’ to self-made fitness and spirituality experts, these Instagrammers have it all. The best part is that – all you have to do is follow them – the tips come straight to you.

So Who Should You Be Following?

Here are some of our top choices and why we love them:

1. @Thedelicious

If you have a paired interest in the beauty of food and healthy recipes, then this is the account for you! Sarah developed @thedelicious and posts hundreds of colourful and artistic photographs of her home-cooked healthy recipes. Not only do these photographs make you hungry, but they make you realize that healthy eating can also be appetizing.

instagram | Longevity LIVE


2. @Thebalancedblonde

Are you an expert ‘Yogi’, or even a wannabe one? You will love following Jordan Younger’s Instagram. She focuses purely on living a balanced lifestyle instead of a restricted one. It is about working on one’s self-actualization in a progressive manner.instagram | Longevity LIVE

3. @Emilyskyefitness

Are you running out of new workout routines for the gym? Do you need a little motivation to exercise? Then start following this fitness champion. Emily Skye posts regular fitness videos of short circuits, high-intensity training, and demonstrations that show you how to get your technique just right. She also provides a few inspirational tips to kick-start your day.instagram | Longevity LIVE

4.  @Rawandroasted

Are you an obsessed ‘foodie guru’? Does the look of fresh and colorful smoothies or handcrafted salads make you drool? Then you need to follow Isa and Lou. They are two sisters that live in London and New York City, respectively. They may be separated by the ocean, but they share an Instagram account filled with tasty, healthy recipes, recommendations on what to order at the trendiest healthy restaurants, and mouth-watering food.instagram | Longevity LIVE

5. @Mynameisjessamyn

Are you somebody who wants to give yoga a try, but often doubts yourself? Do you say things to yourself like, ‘I am not fit enough for it’ or ‘I don’t have the right body type.’

Stop right there. You need to start following Jessamyn Stanley. She’s an inspirational Instagrammer who shows that yoga is for everyone, no matter what your body type may be. She provides beautifully written captions, which include honest messages about body confidence and self-love.instagram | Longevity LIVE

6. @Sproutedroutes

Sometimes our bodies become overloaded with toxins. We all crave a little of detox from time to time. A perfect place to look is the detox queen and Instagrammer Liz Moody.

instagram | Longevity LIVE

Interestingly, she doesn’t only provide green juices but also posts lots of tasty and nutritious recipes for packed baked goods.

7. @Rrayyme

Remi Ishizuka is a health and fitness icon on Instagram.  She has an incredibly artistic eye. She provides inspirational captions and lots of funky recipes that will help fuel your workout routine.instagram | Longevity LIVE

Whether you are super healthy and fit or just starting out, there is no shortage of support. These are just a few of the influential wellness role models on Instagram.

Bottom line

Don’t hesitate to go and explore your Instagram and look for more inspiring stories and people to follow. Taking control of your own healthy environment requires a lot of self-discipline and motivation. We all require boosters sometimes to push us forward. And Instagram is the place to look in 2017.


Skye Mallon

Skye is a Holistic Lifestyle Blogger, Entrepreneur and Movement Instructor. She loves changing people's lives and believes you should always strive to be your best! Her brand, Skyezee FashionFit pty (LTD) shares the latest in well-fashion, conscious living, and daily movement. She wants to help others achieve a happy balance by sustaining a conscious, longevous lifestyle. She shares content that helps others tap into the intricacies of our bodies, environments, feelings, and minds.

Skye knows how you feel and is here to help! She wants to help you live happier, longer and more fulfilled lives that we know will make some kind of positive or meaningful impact. Visit Website

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She has a keen interest in high-quality, activewear apparel and represents different brands. Lastly, she believes that the best results are achieved by doing something you love! The point is to have fun, explore and move more, eat good food and get outside of your comfort zone.

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