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It’s mid-winter in Johannesburg, South Africa. It’s cold, the media is full of bad news, and I can think of nothing better than a quick escape to the beautiful island of Bazaruto in Mozambique.

And it really was quick. Just over two hours.  The flight from OR Tambo International airport on Airlink, direct into Vilanculos was much easier than I thought.  After arriving at the airport I was taken, along with a party of other guests,  to a jetty nearby.  June is considered a low season, but temperatures are still fairly warm. Today at 24 degrees centigrade I had to quickly start stripping off the layers of city clothing.

An Untouched Island In Africa

And while I haven’t been to this region for some years,  just staring out at the bay reminded me how beautiful and untouched this part of  Africa still is. The water is beautifully blue and the pure fresh sea air has an immediate effect of lifting my spirit.

I hopped on the boat, which is chartered by the Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort and Spa, and my ultimate destination on the island of Bazaruto.

The Bazaruto Archipelago is renowned as one of the world’s top snorkeling, diving and fishing destinations; it boasts year-round warm waters, dazzling soft coral ridges, and thousands of tropical fish species.  The Anantara Spa was crowned Mozambique’s Best Resort Spa 2016 at the World Spa Awards. Can’t wait!

island [Longevity LIVE]

Bazaruto, also known as the island of the mist, is the largest island in the Bazaruto Archipelago and the Bazaruto National Park. Anarchipelago is a small group of islands situated approximately 30 kilometers off the Mozambique coast near the town of Vilanculos, approximately 800 km north of Maputo.  Bazaruto Island is also the largest (approximately 37 km long and up to 7 km wide) and northernmost of the five islands.

island [Longevity LIVE]

View from the spa.

Despite its size, around 3500 locals are living on the island, along with one of the largest populations of the endangered and very elusive Dugongs who hide out in the waters of Mozambique.

After forty-five minutes of ocean-going, we arrived at the beautiful Anantara Bazaruto Resort and Spa. Guests can also take a helicopter ride to the destination, which is a little quicker, but obviously more expensive.  However, as I have good sea legs and really like boats, it’s an easy choice for me. And anyway, the trip was very calm and pleasant on the cobalt blue Indian Ocean.

As the boat pulled up to the sandy shore,  all guests were met in the truly friendly African tradition of song and dance.  Well as for me, nothing beats that feeling of complete happiness of putting my toes into the warm Indian Ocean again.

How To Get There

Airlink is a Regional Feeder Airline that offers a wide network of regional and domestic flights within Southern Africa and operates as a franchisee to SAA.

Route Specific Information:  Direct scheduled flights between Johannesburg and Vilanculos. As well as daily flights from Nelspruit to Vilanculos effective 7 August 2017, offering the same day bush and beach experience.

Connectivity: Through the Airlink alliance with SAA travelers connect conveniently with SAA, their Partner airlines, and other carriers throughout Southern Africa and the world.

Frequent Flyer Programme: Airlink is a member of South African Airways Loyalty programme -Voyager.



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