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Free talk – Bollywood and the South African Indian Identity

By 27 February 2014May 26th, 2020No Comments


Looking for something to do in your lunch hour tomorrow? PhD graduate and registered counsellor Yaseen Ally will be discussing Bollywood and the South African Indian Identity at SACAP’s (South African College of Applied Psychology) Johannesburg campus on Friday 28 February. The talk starts at 12:30pm and runs for an hour. Based on research conducted by Ally, the talk explores how South African Indians employ Bollywood cinema in constructing aspects of their identity like gender relations, body image and masculinity. “With the rapid global and westernised shifts in trends that Bollywood cinema has experienced, one has to consider the influence this has on the construction of the Indian identity”, says Ally, whose research interests include gender and identity, media, supernatural beliefs and psychopathology. “The current shifts in trends that Bollywood films depict include shifts in gender relations, body image and music that reflect multicultural global influence”. The growing popularity of Bollywood films among South African Indians makes it essential to understand the role these changes have on South African Indians identity formation. The Psychology Talks are part of SACAP’s continued efforts to train an inspired workforce of counsellors to service those people who fall by the wayside of accessible mental health services. Entrance is free, but booking is essential. Please visit for further information.


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