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If you’re the kind of person who gets home after a long day, and sits back over dinner with a glass of red wine to help you relax – then this article will give you the sweet satisfaction of knowing you may be doing something right. Red wine has many proven health benefits. The trick comes in knowing how to moderate yourself.

Red wine is a fantastic source of antioxidants. It has large amounts of the antioxidant called polyphenol. Why do we want antioxidants again? Well they just so happen to be the core reason our cells stay healthy and young. They protect us from premature aging and cancer by blocking free radical damage.

You may not know what resveratrol is yet, but red wine has it, and you want it! This little compound is naturally found in red wine and is exactly what you need for a good health boost. Studies have shown that it:

  • Helps control blood sugar (so it’s good for diabetics)
  • Brilliant for giving your brain function a boost, promoting a strong memory and preventing lifestyle diseases such as Alzheimers.
  • Keeps you nice and slim by actually preventing the growth of your fat cells.

Another key benefit of red wine is that it could give your sex life a well needed boost. Studies have shown that a glass or two of red can spice things up in-between the sheets quite a bit. And ladies, you are in luck as this particularly can apply to you. Studies have also shown that not only does it boost your libido, desire and arousal, but it also helped with a better satisfaction in the end as well. (1)

Just remember: this really does mean only one or two glasses. The same exact studies showed that people who drank more had absolutely no improvement in their sex lives at all.

Some other factors about drinking red wine you should take into consideration are:

  1. One glass does not mean one bottle-sized glass
    There is a fine line between being rewarded with health benefits from your serving of wine, and trying to be an over achiever by finishing the bottle and having the reverse effects happen. One glass a day does you the world of good. But binging puts your body at serious risk of lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure, cancer and liver disease.
  2. health benefits of wine | Longevity LIVEMore than one glass actually takes away the calming effect
    The fantastic thing about having a glass of rouge, with dinner, or any alcohol for that matter is that it is a central nervous system depressant. All this means is that it helps you calm down and de-stress. However, the minute you start to ask for top ups, it has the reverse effect. It can mess up your metabolism and you will experience restless sleep.
  3. Our deepest apologies to the Chardonnay lovers, but red is better than white
    The only technical difference between red wine and white wine, is that the grapes are fermented with the peel on for red and off for white. And simply keeping peel on, makes the world of difference in terms of the health benefits red wine can provide. One of which is that it has 7 times more antioxidants than white wine. (2)



Marina Wildt

Marina Wildt is the Beauty & Fitness Editor at Longevity Magazine. She has a keen focus on the science behind beauty and aspires to always bring the latest innovations in these fields to the public and put forward reliable and trustworthy advice. In her spare time she likes to cook, do yoga and travel wherever she can.

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