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Celebrity Fitness Expert and founder of Yogalosophy, Mandy Ingber shares her favourite yoga pose for today:

Bound Side Extended Yoga Angle Pose

One way to deepen your yoga poses is to bind. Ingber explains that the yoga bound poses involve clasping your hands so as to rotate and open your shoulders and torso.

“Patience is a quality that must be developed, for binds require flexibility, strength of body and mind, as well as balance.”

She adds: “Resisting the temptation to react by either giving up or forcing it are qualities that translate and assimilate into the emotional body as well. In order to deepen your practice, there must be willingness to meet your edge, while disengaging from the end result, and, above all, listening to your body”

Tips for Binding

yoga | Longevity LIVE1. Warm up with sun salutes, as this helps to loosen and open your chest and shoulders.

2. Stretch your legs with warrior poses and lunges, to open your chest and shoulders.

3. If you feel tight, listen to your body. “Err on the side of doing less – You don’t win when you injure yourself!”

4. Remember to breathe, slowly and mindfully.

5. Hold the pose and be in the moment.

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