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Get fit don’t quit!

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Get fit

Here’s a list of essential fitness items you need to have on your fitness checklist, ranging from high tech to the more obvious, to help you stick to your fitness plan and, more importantly, enjoy it!

Here’s what our fitness experts recommend:

  • Only balls are meant to bounce: Not only can bouncing breasts be a major exercise deterrent, but also they’re not good for your breast tissue either. According to a study at the University of Portsmouth, one in two women complain of breast pain during exercise. Invest in a good sports bra that not only supports but compresses the movement of your bust, too.




Invest in a good sports bra to get fit

  • Get your heart racing: Whether you count kilojoules or not, a heart-rate monitor is an essential tool to have if you are serious about your fitness progress. Enter your information into the watch, strap on the chest transmitter and see your kilojoules tick by. A heart-rate monitor is an essential training tool that helps measure your intensity through your heart rate’s response to exercise.   Most smart phones and tablets now have downloadable apps that turn your device into a heart rate measurement device.
  • Bring out your inner DJ: Music provides a welcoming distraction to sore muscles, a sweaty body and that annoying lady on the bike next to you. Listening to an upbeat soundtrack can also help you increase intensity and make your workout fly by.  Use your phone, your I-pod, but just get moving. Make sure you have secured your device to your body with the appropriate holder and also have good quality earphones.
  • Scale can be a five-letter swear word: A body composition scale measures your body fat percentage and total weight. You’re bound to be disappointed when you step on the scale to find that your weight hasn’t budged, or worse – it’s gone up. But the right one can make all the difference. A regular scale only measures your total weight, but because your body’s composition is always changing, thanks to things like water retention or (hopefully) muscle gain, measuring your weight alone isn’t good enough.  A body composition scale measures your body fat percentage and total weight. It will give you a clearer picture of your body’s changes no matter what your weight, and keep you motivated to keep on track.
  • Track your daily activities with the Pebble by FOLUP. It’s an award-winning wireless activity tracker that is fully integrated in the free tools, content and community of the FOLUP system. The device is easy to use and will go a long way in ensuring that our participants get moving to reach their daily step goals as the data will be loaded onto their FOLUP account so it can be tracked. For details on the Pebble, visit  or  email
The Pebble helps you manage your health lifestyle

The Pebble helps you manage your health lifestyle

  • Get the UP system. The Jawbone Up system is more than a band or an app. It’s an integrated system built around you. It helps you understand how you sleep, move and eat so you can make smarter choices. The new app displays movement and sleep details from your UP24 or UP band and delivers insights, celebrates milestones, and challenges you to make each day better. Share accomplishments with friends by teaming up in the UP App.  You can get details on stockists from

Get the UP system with Jawbone UP to get fit

  • A good pair of workout shoes and comfortable appropriately fitted clothes. Sounds obvious doesn’t it? You would be surprised how many people wear the wrong shoes or clothing when they are working out. Whether you’re working out in gym, riding a bicycle or running marathons, you must ensure you are wearing the right kit, that fits properly, in the appropriate fabric for your sport, which works with your body, not against it


shutterstock_137227691 (2)

A good pair of work-out shoes and comfortable clothing is a must to get fit


  • Don’t forget your water bottle. When you’re working out you need to hydrate. Having a good sized, sturdy water bottle will remind you take water if you’re out for a walk or any other type of exercise. Using a water bottle will also help you monitor your water intake and help you stay on top of your hydration
  • A resistance band. You can do quality resistance training on the go with a resistance band, as they are practical, lightweight and easy to use. It’s one of the most affordable and necessary fitness aids you’ll ever have. And best of all, it can go anywhere with you.

A final word of advice. Your fitness sessions must be fun, otherwise you’re doing the wrong  activity.  Find what suits you best. Get fit, don’t quit and ENJOY!






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