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One of the biggest reasons behind failure is the misalignment of objectives. In today’s article we will reveal why you need to exercise with a purpose to ensure long term commitment and success.

So why do you exercise?

  • To feel appreciated by yourself and / or others.
  • It feels invigorating.
  • Keeps your body healthy.
  • To be strong and athletic is empowering.
  • Maintain a sense of discipline.

Why should exercise serve a particular purpose?

It boils down to time, clearly it’s finite.

Many of us lead a busy life and have limited time, therefore whatever time one has, it needs to be used well. This is why your work-out needs to fit in your schedule, around your commitments and still be efficiently effective.

Here is where the ‘Why do you train?’ creates the incentive to train, whatever it maybe make sure that you have a number of reasons why you train. These reasons can vary from relatively superficial, to deep and meaningful reasons.

Incentives done well result in program adherence. So always be open to reviewing your reasons, fine tuning a goal can sharpen your focus and improve your chance of success.

How can I fine tune my desire to exercise?

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A great place to start is by asking yourself “Why am I training?” This serves to isolate your reason/s.

Be honest and rate your reason on a scale from, shallow to deep meaning.

Now if you feel our reason/s lack substance, adjust and ask: “What would deepen the meaning behind the following reason/s?”

If the answer is “Nothing.” then adjust and ask “What would provide me with a sense of purpose to train?”

Remember having a bit of internal dialogue isn’t crazy, but a rather valuable diagnostic tool in creating purpose behind your efforts.

When you find your exercise purpose, use the Harvard Medical School guide for the 5 best exercises for a healthy body. Follow the link to read more.


Tyrone Wessels

Tyrone is a passionate health and fitness enthusiast, who practices what he preaches. At the age of six he started JKA Karate and twelve years later achieved 1st Dan. At the same time he began doing Iyengar yoga, and is today an internationally qualified Power Yoga instructor, and holds regular classes for like-minded fitness fanatics.

During his high school years he played Provincial squash and for two years represented Gauteng at a national level. He often came from the back and overwhelmed the competition with his determination and tenacity. He is a qualified Personal Trainer and has a degree in Marketing. Tyrone just loves to train, and enjoys seeing results in his own practice and that of his students and clients.

The content in this editorial is for general information only and is not intended to provide medical or other professional advice. For more information on your medical condition and treatment options, speak to your healthcare professional.