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Leading fitness authority, TV personality, best-selling author, entrepreneur, and frequent guest on national media – Jennifer Cohen wants you to re-energize your approach to wellness using her straightforward, tech-savvy technique.

What Does Jennifer Cohen Believe?Jennifer Cohen

She may be a fitness leader of exercise regimes, but her work has now extended beyond ‘just training’. Jennifer Cohen refers to herself as the CEO and president of her own gym, sticking to her ‘No Gym Required’ philosophy which offers products and services based on her belief that exercise should take place ‘anytime, anywhere – no excuses’.

Cohen teaches people how to achieve their fitness goals faster. She inspires us with her belief that wellness goals are only achieved by concentrating on both the inside and the outside. She also teaches others that getting stronger is not just physical. It is also emotional and psychological.

Cohen’s influence is driven by her philosophy that ‘Strong is the new skinny.’ As a result, women are now embracing maximized strength and power.

Jennifer Cohen Believes Strength Is:

  1. Sexy
  2. Powerful
  3. Achievable

How Is Jennifer Cohen Boosting Your Productivity?

Health and wellness are now focused on status, achievement, and success. Jennifer Cohen keeps up to date with the tech-savvy world of 2017 and recommends apps that will re-energize your productivity levels.

Cohen told Forbes that, ‘anyone can fall into a rut, but it’s time to push past the monotony and re-energize your habits. There are apps to find inspiration and ideas to eat, exercise and, yes, sleep better every day.

Try The Apps She Suggests Today

Jennifer Cohen [Longevity Live]1. Aaptiv

Feeling lost about where to start at the gym? Jennifer Cohen suggests this Aaptiv. It offers on-demand audio fitness training through your smartphone and lets you train on the go. Each personal trainer keeps you motivated, whilst the music keeps you energized.

2. Headspace

Is your mind constantly spinning? Jennifer Cohen recommends this app as it introduces you to meditation for ten minutes each day, over ten days.

In addition, the app is personalized to you and focuses on visualization and breathing techniques. Keep an eye out for meditation headbands, we predict that they will replace meditation apps in the next few years.

3. Forks Over Knives

Wellness means no processed foods. Hence, Cohen recommends an app that shares more than 200 whole-food, plant-based recipes from well-known chefs. A step-by-step is provided with photographs of the finished meal. According to Cohen, you can ‘easily make notes, save your favorites and create shopping lists for next time.’

4. SpotifyJennifer Cohen [Longevity Live]

Cohen recommends this app to runners because it has customized running playlists that will energize your running routine.

We tend to lose the motivation to work out every day.  This is because we do the same exercise routine which becomes repetitive. As a result, Cohen suggests we continue to find innovative ways to boost our productivity levels by utilizing technology and looking out for engaging apps.

So there you have it. Now you can gym anywhere, anytime with no excuses!


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