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How Hugh Jackman Is Changing The World With One Cup Of Coffee

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Hugh Jackman is a Tony and Emmy Award-winning actor. His most important role might just be in the coffee business. We follow Jackman for his love of coffee and humanitarianism. His father, Christopher Jackman, has taught him the values of giving back. Moreover, through working as a volunteer accountant for charities serving the developing world. Better yet, if you are a coffee lover- you’ll be happy to know that it can be healthy and sustainable.

Hugh Jackman is changing the world with coffee | Longevity LIVE

The Laughing Man Foundation.

Hugh Jackman Is Changing Lives, One Cup Of Coffee At A Time. But What Is His Inspiration?

The actor is Australian-born and has always had a Hugh Jackman is changing the world with coffee| Longevity LIVEdeep love for his coffee. He tells Time that Australians are generally snobbish and arrogant about their coffee. Furthermore, because of this reason and Jackman’s love of coffee, his interest in the beverage has taken a turn that’s both altruistic and entrepreneurial. He strongly believes that coffee is the one thing that can bring our developing worlds and our developed ones together. Let’s also not forget the accompanying health benefits of drinking coffee…Hugh Jackman is definitely onto something for all the coffee lovers out there!

Did You Know?

Hugh Jackman is changing the world with coffee | Longevity LIVE

New research suggests that caffeine may be able to block inflammation, which worsens with age-positively affecting the immune system. According to studies by Nature Medicine, “we’ve known for some time that caffeine can block the effects of a molecule called adenosine. It blocks adenosine receptors in brain cells and is thought to be how caffeine wakes us up. But in the body, blocking adenosine may also block pathways that produce inflammatory molecules.” Hugh Jackman uses coffee for Humanitarian efforts, but we also love coffee’s tasty and healthy attributes.

What Is The Laughing Man Foundation?

Hugh Jackman tells us that Ethiopian coffee farmers work hard to sustain their businesses, feed their families and educate their children. However, there are many factors that are out of their control. These include things like not getting fair prices for their product and working long hours with few benefits. Jackman tells CNN that he understands this more after working closely with the coffee farmer, Dukale. Moreover, this coffee farmer is the Hugh Jackman is changing the world with coffee | Longevity LIVEinspiration for his film, ‘Dukale’s Dream.’
Jackman described Dukale as “one of the happiest people I have ever met, full of joy, full of optimism.” “The time I spent with Dukale made me realize if you give people a hand up rather than a handout, the difference it makes to them is massive.” The actor likes Dukale’s coffee so much, he markets it. Laughing Man Coffee has even teamed up with Keurig to launch Dukale’s Blend.
According to CBS News, Dukale has a small farm for the coffee world, with just 800 trees. He works 10 to 12 hours a day, seven days a week, which hardly makes ends meet for his family. Hugh Jackman describes himself as a coffee snob, but after tasting Dukale’s coffee and learning his farming methods have a zero carbon footprint, he promised to help him and his community.
Hugh Jackman is taking action by asking world leaders at the United Nations Climate Week to support farmers like Dukale. However, he has realized that something as simple as coffee, can reduce global poverty. He says “you can’t tackle climate change until you tackle poverty.”

Did You Know?Hugh Jackman is changing the world with coffee | Longevity LIVE


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