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Summer is in full bloom and while it would be nice to venture to the beach for a special date night  – living in Jo’burg doesn’t allow me that immediate luxury. So finding good alternatives, is always at the top of my mind. Now bear with me. I know a luxury night at a five-star hotel may sound a little over-the-top at first. But if your concern with a weekend away is time spent traveling and the cost – this is actually the perfect alternative. On this occasion, Tsogo Sun’s Sandton Sun Hotel and Spa provided us with the perfect ‘date night’ getaway. Now I use the inverted commas with ‘date night’, because I actually spent the night with my sister who lives overseas and was visiting on us holiday. And what better way to truly appreciate our minimal time together than by disappearing for a day of spa bliss, shopping and excellent food? I can’t say I know. But what I can tell you, is that whether it’s a family member, friend or partner – this experience will give you the quality time together you’re hoping for.

sandton sun | Longevity LIVE

The Sandton Sun entrance

1. When to go

The beauty of the Sandton Sun is that you can go whenever you want – it simply depends on which season you prefer. I am a summer-loving person and will gladly go anywhere during the hotter months. At the Sandton Sun, you can enjoy amenities such as their roof-top pool which has more than enough shaded space for you to enjoy the sun safely. And in the early evening, the San Deck restaurant and bar comes to life as well – which is the perfect place to have a drink, have an aerial view of the Jo’burg sunset and swing to the live jazz music.

2. Don’t forget to pack

 If you’ve forgotten something at home and the hotel cannot help you with supplies, just remember you are joined to one of Jo’burg’s biggest malls. It’s very convenient. The dining and lounge area opens up onto the very glamorous diamond walk, where you can do some luxury shopping or get straight to a convenience store to pick up anything you may have left at home. If you visit the Sandton Sun this summer, don’t forget to pack your swimming costume and a slightly snazzy outfit if you plan on spending an evening at the San Deck.

sandton sun | Longevity 1

The salmon main course at the San Deck

3. What you get

 Tsogo Sun hotels are known for being very hospitable, and anything you choose to do will be presented with a little luxury. The rooms come with everything you could possibly need – whether you’re there on holiday or for work, convenience is the ultimate luxury there. There’s no need to order a cappuccino when your room has its own Nespresso machine. Besides the in-room ‘basics’, you can enjoy their beautiful rooftop outside lounge for lunch, the San Deck restaurant for drinks and dinner, an extensive library lounge if you need to work, full access to Sandton City and Nelson Mandela Square without having to drive there and, of course, a blissful five-star spa experience.

4. Why this spa?

Again, this is just another extension of the Sandton Sun’s ultimate luxury experience. When entering the spa, you can expect to immediately have your shoes taken away and handed a drink by your attentive therapist while she chats to you about your concerns. This kind of luxury was met with a cordial, ‘well if you insist,

sandton sun | Longevity LIVE

The Sandton Sun spa

I won’t say no,’ from me, and my sister hopped on that bandwagon behind me too.  The extensive variety of massages, facials, body treatments, mani-pedi’s and more, gives you the opportunity to select something truly personalized to your needs. Just remember to keep an eye out for the spa specials as well if you plan on going for a date night – often they have fantastic packages that are hard to turn down.

My sister and decided to go for their signature 75-minute sea whisper massage. When asked what pressure we preferred, we both instantly requested it to be hard. The ladies looked amongst themselves for a moment and carefully selected who would be best for the job – they definitely chose wisely. The massage was 75 minutes of bliss, I could feel the tension being hacked out my body (which is what I wanted) and it ended with a steam

Sandton Sun | Longevity LIVE

a Sandton Sun spa treatment room

shower and some champagne and fruit in the relaxation room. What’s even better? Given they carefully select a therapist they think would suit you best – the next time you go, you can request them specifically again.

5. How to book

Feel like a date night? Here’s how to contact the Sandton Sun:

Telephone: +27 11 780 5000 | Email: | Website: | Physical Address: Corner Alice Lane and Fifth Street, Sandton, 2196

Marina Wildt

Marina Wildt

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